Shortie but Goodie: Semifreddo Recipe

For some of you it’s Thanksgiving season and that probably means tons of food. While I don’t deal in turkey and I still use my mom’s very puristic mashed potato recipe (only potatoes, salt, pepper, nutmeg, butter and milk go in there, no fancy cream cheese or other spices), I do have a few ideas about dessert.

However, I have never made a pumpkin pie in my life. But! This honey semifreddo recipe is so, so easy. And you can make it ahead of whatever event you’re planning. I made this for my parents a while ago and they loved it, too.

This is it:

I only made a few slight changes: I used 200 grams of a very dark honey and regular cream and then left it to freeze overnight instead of just a few hours.

You may be tempted to leave out the toasted pine nut topping and probably also the honey drizzled on top, but try not to. It really makes a difference.

PS: Here’s a funny/serious bit about Thanksgiving with the brilliant Franchesca Ramsey:

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