Shortie but Goodie: Tomato Butter

I recently heard of apple butter. Then I found out that apple butter contains no actual butter, and was a bit bummed. I will not do this to you. Tomato butter is made with butter.

So, uh… Like tomatoes? Not afraid of fat? Often consume bread and bread-like substances and need something to smear them with?

I’ve got you covered! Try mixing up this simple yet delicious concoction:

Tomato Butter

250 g butter or margarine
1 jar sun-dried tomatoes in oil
150 g tomato paste
Loads of thyme, oregano and other Italian herbs you like
Pepper, salt

Use either an immersion blender and a big bowl or a food processor for this.
For the immersion blender version it may be easier to chop the tomatoes up a bit.
  • Soften, but do not completely melt butter or margarine
  • Add tomatoes WITH ALL THE OIL (this is the good part) and the herbs
  • Blend away!
  • Taste test: use salt, pepper, and herbs to finish (red pepper or smoked/bbq paprika powder is also really tasty)
  • Put in a jar, box, or any other container of your liking
  • Refrigerate (8-10 days max) or freeze (2 months max)

If you like life on the spicy side, definitely add some paprika or red pepper.

If you want this to be a NSFW experience, add garlic. As much as you like, it’s good for you.

The butter goes well with all things bread (pizza bread, bread sticks, ciabatta, toast, flatbread…), grilled veggies, cheese, and probably also steak, although I wouldn’t know about that.



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