Happy New Year!

The new year is ten days old already (when did that happen??), but it’s not to late to wish you a happy new year, lots of love and peace and many wonderful encounters and experiences.
Last year, I spent new year’s eve in Taiwan, looking at the Taipei 101 fireworks and cracking up about the photographer who felled a small tree with a machete (!) to get the perfect picture.

Which may or may not have looked something like this:


This year I did something… different. While my favorite roommate planned a party at our place, I was still feeling a bit sick and tired (literally) from a lingering cold. So two days before the old year ended, I decided to opt out of the whole thing.

Instead, I wanted to go away. Super spontaneously, and with almost everything in the area already booked up, I turned to airbnb to see what was left. And found this:


Did I mention I have a bit of a hippie set of mind with a tendency towards minimalism and actually enjoy simplicity? Anyway, this trailer looked perfect, so I booked the place, drove out to Bischofsgrün and set up a bunch of candles, an electric lantern and a fake fireplace that conveniently also works as a space heater (and is now officially my most appreciated purchase of 2015).

Here is the comfy, cozy result:





There was a house nearby (called the “Aueralm”) where we could use the bathroom and the kitchen.

In the roughly 18 hours we spent on the property I read two books (one I had already started and one with a lot of pictures in it, see below).


And before you get too many dirty thoughts, check out the website to get a good idea of the contents 🙂

This year the fireworks looked like this and also it really didn’t matter.


It was amazing and serene and wonderful and I loved every minute of it. Even when the next morning looked like this, it was just calm and beautiful.


By the way, this is the ‘before’ picture of the space inside the trailer, just to give you an idea of what it looked like without the fire-colored lights.


I think I did pretty damn good.

It was nice to be off the grid, even though (or maybe also because?) the new year started with plenty of turbulence and worrisome developments, both personal and public (have you seen the news about Germany lately?).

Let’s hope it gets better. I want to believe in common sense.

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