London Glimpses, Part 1

About ten years ago, I went to London for a single day on a language school trip with my good friend Karin and the other three members of the “Brighton Crew”, Ju, Anna and Sid. One day was absolutely not enough and I have always wanted to come back “some day” to see more. That day was the Thursday after Easter, and this time I saw a whole lot more.
London was impressive and beautiful and diverse… and honestly: far too expensive. But let me walk you through the experience.


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The Making of Harry Potter (The Movies)

A trip to London means a trip to the Harry Potter Studios. At least for me. Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of the books, but never liked the films all that much. Nevertheless, this is the closest I could get to Hogwarts, after my owl got lost approximately 17 years ago.

So when the Easter bunny brought me a plane ticket to Heathrow, I knew what to do. The tour was really exciting and totally worth it.

But first, there was a little preview the night before at King’s Cross Station, where the studio set up a shop at platform 9 3/4 – incredible sense of business.


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