A Celebration of Love

Two weekends ago, my friends Svenja and Lukas celebrated their wedding in the lovely little village of Plech in the Franconian countryside. It was a beautiful day filled with true emotion, friendship, love, and food, of course.

They started us off with “Sekt&Häppchen” (sparkling wine and snacks), which is an awesome thing to have at 11:30 am, and before church, mind you. Svenja and Lukas, you’re doing it right.


Here’s to my favorite roommate! Cheers, Felix!


The church called St. Susanne was awfully cute, tiny, mostly white, and stylishly decorated.




And a gorgeous bride and groom, of course 😀


Beautiful AND smart, I should add. They planned ahead for tears of joy! All the feels! That alone would have made me weep, but there was the sweet ceremony with some lovely and occasionally funny words in honor of the amazing couple and their commitment, and that really did it.




The witnesses and several other guests put a lot of effort into planning everything, setting up the space, coordinating the “wedding newspaper” and whatnot, so shout out to all of you, great job!

There was also music, played by an Irish couchsurfer called Dan, and a song by Svenja’s cousins (I believe?), with a sweet and heartbreaking harmony. So beautiful.


Their first kiss as a married couple (at least in the eyes of “god”, they already went to city hall in December) is a private moment, so I won’t show you that here 🙂

Just as the ceremony was over, it started to rain pretty hard, so we stayed more or less inside for a few more minutes, to give the weather a chance to cease from acting up and behave.

And it did, but it was already too late for Nils.


But the rest of us remained mostly dry and extremely cheery and goofy!





All the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ s


Everything was so cute! And look at the bride and groom, happy as anything and surrounded by loved ones, if that isn’t moving then I don’t know what is.


Then the celebration moved to a castle, because Franconia is full of them and if you can celebrate in a castle you might as well. And according to Franconian tradition, there was plenty of food. Mostly meat:


And cake!


And some more rain. But this time Nils came prepared.


But also copious amounts of beauty and joy and overall happiness.


There were lots of little details and sweet ideas. We played a funny game that assigned a task to everyone. They had me think up a task that I had to switch with someone else. So I made Tabea kiss Lukas and Svenja, because that’s what I would have done.


And I got to pick a wildflower bouquet for the bride who had “momentarily misplaced” hers.

The location was gorgeous and the table set beautifully.




And there was so much fun!





Then we had an amazing dinner and got way too lazy and slightly too drunk to take photos. It was awesome!

This is the last image of the night, two of my besties being cute with each other.


This day of celebration also made me realize how much love and how many meaningful connections I have in my life and I am so very grateful for all of that. Some of my friends are far away in Taiwan, Italy, the United States, and lots of other places, some are dispersed all over Germany, and some are here in Bayreuth with me (some even in my own home, how lucky am I?)  ❤

It is so easy to focus on the negative and the hardship and the stress and get caught up and dragged down by all this stuff, but really, nothing good can come of that. I need to remind myself every once in a while that life is also beautiful and that there is a lot to be happy about 🙂

I get to feel so loved and I get to love these amazing people back and that, my dears, is a truly awesome thing.

So yes, love is still the best reason to celebrate. Here’s to love! And to the lovely couple!

Congratulations, Svenja and Lukas!


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