Kiel Weekend

Not only are my friends absolutely great people, they have many other great friends. And that’s how I met Becky, his wife Sarah, and Anette, who have all moved to Kiel at some point. I went to Kiel once before with Jana. We didn’t get to see much of the city then, because it was summer and the weather was nice, so we granted ourselves a day at the beach. Then Becky graciously invited me again and I jumped on a bus and went way, way up North.

Just to get this out of the way right away: this photo above is the only naval imagery you will get to see in this post, but I promised my friend Karin I would take a picture of the sea for her, so here it is!

On Saturday, hiking aficionado Becky took me on a 13 km hike through the Hüttener Berge area.

Sarah and Anette had to work, but we manged to contact the elusive Philipp and took him along, too. Minus Caro, who also had to work. As the tallest of us, he got to take the selfie, too.

The weather was stellar! Will you look at all this sunshine? Spring is coming!

At the end point, on top of the Aschberg, there is a 7 m high Bismarck statue.

…so we took a photo with Bismarck, too.

These shoes did not survive the hike. Memo to self: pack proper boots if there is even a slight chance of being somewhere in the vicinity of Becky.

After the strenuous hike we rewarded ourselves with an evening at the spa.

On Sunday we rewarded ourselves for the strenuous evening at the spa with a wonderful and very rich French breakfast at Blé Noir (French for buckwheat). This time, Sarah, Anette and Caro got to come too.

Anette and I took a pics or it didn’t happen photo for Jana:

The croissants were delicious, the quiche was delicious, the pain au chocolat was delicious… and the crêpes were sheer and utter delight (Salted butter caramel helloooooo? Applebutter with calvados whuuuut?).

After the “light” breakfast, we went for something even lighter: seals frolicking in the water!

And since we were so close, also to the old botanical garden…

…where Sarah hugged a tree:

And because I haven’t seen enough art museums during the last few weeks (this, this, and Museum Folkwang), and no, I truly haven’t, we also took a look at the art in Kiel.

Fun fact: my new job title “Volontärin”, which means something like “journalist in training” or “communications trainee”, got me in for free.

These were my favorites:

The DIY art room was great fun, too:


And after all these wonderful impressions, we went back to Becky’s and Sarah’s place and took a cat nap.

And that my friends, was the true highlight of the weekend! #CatLadyinWaiting

This weekend I am busy moving to Hanau. I’ll keep you posted!

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