One of the reasons I was so busy recently, is the two-week advanced training course for PR trainees I am currently doing at the established journalism school Haus Busch in Hagen. But there was some fun to be had, too. For example, during the photography training session with freelance photographer Jürgen Theobald.

After a short introduction on the very basics of professional photography, our half of the group was sent out into the blinding sunshine to “experiment with the light”. I teamed up with Daniel, PR trainee with the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, who also ingeniously took the photo of me above.

He had brought a really nice camera from work and already knew the device fairly well. I think you can tell he knew what he was doing from the photos he took, some of them in very difficult light:

I feel much more like myself with the glasses on.

This was the first time, I was handed a really good camera and I wasn’t feeling too confident with the camera settings, yet. Nevertheless, I managed to get a few good shots of Daniel, too:

His face positively lit up when I told him to think of his girlfriend (so don’t get any ideas here, people).

I also got lucky with this snapshot of Nadine, another PR trainee in action:

And this one of Ulrike, being all pro:

And this one of Maria, casually being cool as a cucumber in the heat:

I had a ton of fun that day. The weather was almost too good to be true and I learned a lot. The difference a professional camera makes is incredible. So, naturally… now I want one!

Here are a few cool behind the scenes shots:

Jürgen Theobald took these two pictures of me playing with the camera settings:

That expression is the pure joy of a curious person learning something new, just in case you were wondering what I was thinking.

Below is the fabled magic blue door EVERYONE wanted to use as a portrait background. With good reason I might add: It is makes everyone look extremely beautiful.

Cute dog break! This little guy is called Larry and casually dropped by to improve the mood even further.

Then we moved on from portraits to group shots, a very important topic in PR. Here is a super cool group of trainees I was lucky to be with that day:

Behold the magic blue door! And you can’t even tell, that I am smaller than everyone, except Marita.

The photo above was taken by Judith, who already has some photo experience, as you may be able to tell. However, the group is complete in this one below, courtesy of Jürgen Theobald:

Image captions are important, as we all know, and I’ve got one for you here:

“This team of young, dynamic, creative and innovative movers and shakers is ready to tackle anything the future may throw at them. Watch out, world.”

And here is the entire PR trainee group in all its splendor:

Photo by Dieter Menne.

I am very curious to see where everyone will end up after the trainee-ship. So much talent! I feel truly inspired after those two weeks.

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