Tenerife – La Laguna & the North

Let me take you to the greenest, most stunning landscapes of the Anaga mountains.

After checking in at the fabulous Patio Hostel I took two days to get into “holiday mode” in La Laguna with mostly The Walking Dead for company.

The hostel has a fabulous patio, in case you were wondering, and just the sweetest, friendliest, and most caring hosts, Marina and Manu.

And! There’s homemade cake for breakfast every morning. Banana bread, beetroot chocolate (yes, very tasty), apple cinnamon… delicious.

I shared a vegan kidney bean brownie recipe that I got from my colleague Svenja. I hope it ends up on that table some day 🙂

So! Let’s get serious.

Exploring the national treasure of the Anaga mountains completely blew me away. It is almost too gorgeous there to describe and photos barely do this kind of beauty justice.

One solo hike took me from Afur to a small beach through a beautiful, very hot and sunny canyon.

Ain’t that something?

Btw, this is what a cactus skeleton looks like: Lace.

Of course, at the end of the world, there’s still a chapel and a bar.

And after all that sun, I got treated to some cloud forest mystery on the drive back. Absolutely magical.

In the evening, there was a wine festival!

My German roommate Annika and I had a similar taste in vino rojo seco and were very happy.

One of my personal favorites was Bodega Linage del Pago with a great vino tinto and a truly spectacular rosado. I may drop by their place next week…

Our Ukrainian roommate, however, was more in to the dulce and we happily helped him sample just about every vineyard’s produce until we found a vino blanco that was closer to candy than grape juice and everyone was happy.

We all ended up hanging out with some Hungarian PhD students – full on couch surfing instant family time in the cutest town on the island.

And La Laguna was really showing off with the Christmas lights.

I spent the next day exploring the capital Santa Cruz.

First, I went to the market to try some cheese, wine and empanadas

Then I checked out TEA, the local art space and library.

As a student, I would have loved writing papers and hanging out in this place.

Another day, another stellar hike…

This one led from Chamorga to the coast and back via the Faro lighthouse and Roque Bermejo.

And I brought company! Ros from Ukraine suggested the route, so I asked him to join me.

If I don’t come back, I have moved into that lighthouse (Hi aunty Andrea!).

We took a break on a small black sand beach and I got to make ample use of the island’s beautiful contrasts.

I’m sure some of these photos will end up on my wall…

On the drive back, we got the most stunning views again.

Then, finally, a beach day.

With the salt and the wind and the sun in my hair, you’d think I didn’t have a care in the world.

Also, I finally started reading. I brought The Catcher in the Rye and made it about halfway through.

On Monday, I had to check out of this most fabulous hostel with this most fabulous group of most fabulous people (#TeamRed!) and go south to El Teide and some dryer landscapes.

When it rained that morning, Marina said the La Laguna sky is sad to see me leave, too. That’s just the kind of person she is.

So, if you’re ever in the area, make sure to drop by the Patio. It’s worth it.

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