Tenerife – Sunshine & Rain

The TF 24 highway or Cumbre Dorsal from La Laguna to El Teide volcano is one of the most scenic drives I ever took.

And I didn’t have to drive all the way by myself! I invited Ros from Ukraine to come along.

Supposedly, travel and romance do go well together, or at least that’s the way it worked out for us on this journey (did I mention that he’s very smart, cute, fun, kind, and overall great company? We had a fantastic time together).

Being the copilot has its perks, too: You get to enjoy the views!

There are many miradores (lookouts) along the way, the mar de nubes (sea of clouds), for example.

And you don’t have to take selfies all the time! (Yay a real photo!)

The Teide visitor center will give you a good overview of the tectonics that created the landscape and there’s a small botanic garden, too.

And the park made up this volcano character called El Teide, obviously, who will let you know that he’s only sleeping… Very spooky!

(Only one week later, the mountain was covered in snow, btw… just in time for my birthday!)

A short, but scenic hike led us around the Roques de Garcia formation.

Lava rock is just so beautiful! I still vividly remember a family trip to Timanfaya national park on Lanzarote. It was stunning.

Unfortunately, the Aloe Vera Hostel in El Medano turned out to be a crappy, dirty, and cramped place with a very uncomfortable atmosphere (sorry, Swantje, looks like it has changed a lot since you were there!). So we checked out after only one night and found another place to stay. #SunkCosts, I guess.

But! Our day trip to Masca was fun. One of the narrowest, windiest roads I ever drove on, but it looks ever so beautiful.

The next day, we went snorkeling/scuba diving with Medano Dive before we left the South behind.

Look at these shells!

The dive turned out great! My last time underwater was in 2015. Aaaand… the rigorous Campese Diving Center training from 11 years ago paid off! (They are located on Giglio, Italy, if you want to check them out).

The view was okay-ish. We saw some flounders, moray eels and nudibranches. Plus cephalopods – and they are the best!

Since the Anaga mountains were the most interesting place so far, we chose a cute Airbnb directly in the mountains as our next stop.

Check out this view from the terrace!

But the good weather didn’t last and it turned quite cold.

So between sampling some local wine and cheese,…

…drinking lots of hot tea (my favorite new flavor: Boldo!), and trying local sweets…

(this type of turrĂ³n was THE BEST, btw)

…we only did a few shorter walks along the coast.

My absolute favorite walk on the last day there led through the gorgeous misty laurel woods near Casa Forestal.

Fairytale forest anyone?

I really enjoyed the mood in this gorgeous deep green environment, as you can tell.

The following day, we relocated again, to an eco-finca near Puerto.