Lovely Lake Constance

I’ve been dreaming of summer, ever since it got to this time of year when it gets dark too early and light only late in the day. But I actually went on a week-long holiday in September of this unhinged, unhappy year. So here is a bit of sunshine and wine.

The Boo (Beau? Bae? Well, he’s very cute and I like him a lot, so something along those lines) suggested a trip to Lake Constance (=Bodensee), where he used to go as a child, and to take the bikes.

The weather forecast for the week looked *really* bad, so we figured out a pandemic-compliant indoor plan: Day 1 took us to Salem monastery and palace, where we also found a historic firefighting museum and a wine shop!

The firefighting museum with its historic artefacts was a real treat, too.

I absolutely cannot show you all the cool stuff, you simply have to go there. Just two words: Extinguishing bomb. Yeah. It’s a thing.

The next day had us going to another museum I was super excited about (yes, we’re nerds, thanks for noticing), the Zeppelin museum.

Many historic pieces transported the sheer luxury of air ship travel and lifestyle, as well as the Nazi connections (Zeppelins became a propaganda tool for the Nazi party) and the most well-known airship disaster, the LZ 129 Hindenburg crash, which occurred on May 6, 1937, in Manchester Township, New Jersey.

Absolutely fascinating! I really liked the replica and menu in particular.

One very surprising goodie was hidden in the artic. The Zeppelin Foundation has a large art collection. Since some artworks came under scrutiny (looted art, Nazi plunder), they decided to do their research and present the findings.

The exhibition about the origins of their artworks and their respective path into the collection, also called “provenance”, is called “The Obligation of Ownership“.

On Day 2 we wasted some time at the Dornier museum so you don’t have to (seriously). But we had a lovely dinner and very tasty wines at Weingut Hornstein’s Rädle „Zum Winzer“ in Nonnenhorn (ok, so we did this pretty much every night, except for one lavish truffle risotto at a lovely Italian restaurant). 

The next day, we took the bikes on a boat ride and went over to the Swiss side, where we met the Moose, one of the Boo’s friends, had some whiskey and talked about stuff. It was *very* nice.

Then we biked back to Constance (city) and took the boat back from there.

Btw, apples and other fruits are THE thing here.

We also biked to Bregenz (hello Austria!) to check out the opera festival location, which must have been the most impressive production backdrop I’ve ever seen.

Next stop was Lindau, which is very pretty, but it was also very crowded.

On our last evening, we went to a hop farm AND museum (yay more nerd stuff!). The bike trip into the hills was steep, but absolutely worth it. I learned a lot and the beers were excellent.

Yes, the sign says do not open. But the tour guide allowed it.

Dinner was the most delicious Käsespätzle paired with dark beer and followed by a hot chocolate cake. We do know how to decadent.

On our way home we also stopped in Lindenberg to check out the German hat museum (notice a pattern here?).

I knew absolutely nothing about German straw hat production or how felt hats came along and then other styles became popular. It was such a beautiful and well-curated exhibition and I wholeheartedly recommend seeing it.

Plus they have an interactive section, so you can have a lot of nerdy fun there, too 😀

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