7 Days of Biking – The Couchsurfing Part

While planning our trip we saw that for the first part we would pass through some sparsely populated areas of Germany and never end our day in a town, so camping would have to be it. That changed for the second stretch of the trip, so we figured we might try sleeping indoors again and turned to couchsurfing – and it was great.


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7 Days of Biking – The Camping Part

As we venture into December, I still have some catching up to do, so let’s look back to September. Ehem.

I happen to like a good challenge! So what’s better than challenging yourself, spending time outdoors with an amazing friend and seeing a part of your country that you haven’t seen before? I really wanted to do a great bike tour and found me some awesome company for the road: Jana!

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A Celebration of Love

Two weekends ago, my friends Svenja and Lukas celebrated their wedding in the lovely little village of Plech in the Franconian countryside. It was a beautiful day filled with true emotion, friendship, love, and food, of course.

They started us off with “Sekt&Häppchen” (sparkling wine and snacks), which is an awesome thing to have at 11:30 am, and before church, mind you. Svenja and Lukas, you’re doing it right.


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London Glimpses, Part 1

About ten years ago, I went to London for a single day on a language school trip with my good friend Karin and the other three members of the “Brighton Crew”, Ju, Anna and Sid. One day was absolutely not enough and I have always wanted to come back “some day” to see more. That day was the Thursday after Easter, and this time I saw a whole lot more.
London was impressive and beautiful and diverse… and honestly: far too expensive. But let me walk you through the experience.


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Happy New Year!

The new year is ten days old already (when did that happen??), but it’s not to late to wish you a happy new year, lots of love and peace and many wonderful encounters and experiences.
Last year, I spent new year’s eve in Taiwan, looking at the Taipei 101 fireworks and cracking up about the photographer who felled a small tree with a machete (!) to get the perfect picture.

Which may or may not have looked something like this:

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